Military Salvage Yards

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Military Salvage Yards are usually remembered and noted for the low prices, it is usually known as a retail store that has surplus military inventory. Military salvages inventory or goods, equipment, clothing and military items, which the government military divisions found to be in excess of their actual needs and they end up their working life. Usually, these salvage items were sold at the public auction by the government authorities when they are no longer in use by the military. Many entrepreneurs and individuals then buy these goods at cheaper rates and then after little maintenance being done on these items resell them at other surplus stores at slight mark-up or to the public at little higher price. The salvage was almost always military items such as jeeps and other items etc.

Unlike industrial salvage or other salvage yards, Military salvages yards sell items such as military clothing, jackets helmets, canvas packs and pouches, and general equipment that was intended for the various military divisions, but that the military never got around to using in many circumstances. Usually the goods sold by the military at the government auctions are clothing, equipments, tools, and hardware of a generally useful nature such as medium size transport, jeep and SUVs, etc. Very rarely does a government salvage auction include any military weapons, ammunition, or military war vehicles. In spite of this, guns and ammo are often found at military salvage yards.
Military Salvage Yards
Sometimes, these items being sold in the army salvage store is in used condition and other times these items are new old stock that means NOS that the item was purchased new, stored or archived, but never been used by the military. Many of these items are in new condition because these items are no longer needed by the military as the technology overcomes the older versions and they become obsolete. Military salvage yards often sell hiking, backpacking, and also some camping equipment as well. There are some survival kits or supplies also selling.

The overall perception of Military salvage yard has been changed. These places have now millions of ammo, and other military items. The overall security responsibility is on the shoulder of army for these military salvage yards. They are said to be the heart veins of any military or army, whether it is navy, army or air force.  These type of salvage yards have own classified importance. In most, they are restricted to public visits. No civilians are allowed to visit these military salvage yards, even the workers are also trained to not to disclose any of the information related to these military salvage yards.

Some of these military salvage yards also described as a no fly zone by the governments. Usually their locations are situated far from public surroundings or public residential areas. They usually occupied the spaces outside the cities in most of the countries, so that the only military officials have the access to enter these places or access to the items.