LKQ Salvage Yard

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LKQ salvage yard offers its customers with the industry’s leading collection of replacement parts and services. It is a source used for the auto parts, as its name implies it mainly focuses on the quality standards in recycling and aftermarket parts. It functions as a platform where unwanted cars can be sold. It mainly focuses on :-

New aftermarkets replacement parts :
New auto parts manufactured for replacement by a company other than the original equipment manufacturer are referred to as “aftermarket” parts. In this industrial salvage yards zone a high-quality, lost-cost alternate to new replacement parts to vehicles and trucks are offered. Bumpers, hoods, fenders, grilles, re-manufactured wheels, radiators and condensers comes under the category of combine salvage yards and aftermarkets replacement parts. Aftermarket products line include platinum plus and value line.

Rebuilt OE (original equipment) replacement parts:
In this area all parts are cautiously dismantled, inspect for damages and record with constant and precise descriptions to make sure quality. Rebuilding process includes :-

  • Completely dissembling and cleaning units.
  • Filling units with oil and friction modifier
  • New or rebuilt supporting plates and axles tubes fitted
  • Straightness of axle tubes are checked

Salvage Vehicle disposal :
It helps to dispose of the salvage vehicles safely regardless of the location.

Recycled OE auto and truck parts :
Original equipment parts are reclaimed from salvage vehicles, reviewed and inventoried for sale. Salvage vehicles are bought from auction or direct from insurer, manufacturers, fleets and individuals. Most of these vehicles are collision damaged but still have usable, unaffected parts that are examined, tested and cleaned.
Salvage Yard Recycled auto and truck parts
Re-manufactured engines and transmissions :
For quality recycled engines late model and low mileage salvage are acquired. It includes re-manufactured engines and re-manufactured transmission.
Re-manufacturing engines and transmission includes completely turning each engine back to its original specifications.

Reconditioned OE replacement parts :
Reconditioning provides a wide variety of benefits like cost effective methods of returning used or damage parts whereas decreasing wastes. Bumper cover, wheels and lighting assembling are gone through the reconditioning process. In this process original equipment bumper covers are turned to like new condition. Similarly wheels are gone through the same procedure.

Paint and body shop supplies and equipment :
This area is intended to offer quality supplies at modest prices. Premium quality ingredients are used in paint, body and equipment supplies to get the job done.

Insurer services :
It provides the insured products to the customers to increase the policy holder loyalty.

Heavy truck , Dozer and equipment parts and used trucks :
New and used trucks, dozer salvage parts, used and re-manufactured trucks parts are sold.

Liability for the environment :
Auto and truck salvage and recycling is a green business. Automotive import salvage yard It includes collecting working parts from salvage vehicles and making available to customers at lower prices while offering environment friendly repair option. It should have a commitment to help make a better environment for the entire planet. To reduce and eliminate wastes all operations should follow the waste hierarchy of reduce, refuse and recycle. Should actively participate in reducing greenhouse gas emission and should also create awareness of environmental issues while encouraging enthusiastic support.